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Rental & Maintenance Services


Heavy Equipments Maintenance

Fahad Al-HAthal Est. has a qualified and professional technician who has special expertise and a strong aptitude for executing heavy equipment maintenance and repair. When you’re in need of machinery ...

Heavy Equipment Rental Services

Fahad Al Hathal Heavy Equipment Rental has one of the largest fleets of excavators for hire all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are proud of our broad range ...

Heavy Equipment parts Sales

United Machinery Resources Co is  Family of Fahad Al Hathal Heavy Equipment Rental is a leading supplier of new and used construction equipment parts in Riyadh Porter Parts provides parts ...

Water Transfer & Removal

Waste Transfer and Removal Based on Great care to protect the environment, Fahed Al-Hathal Est. is keen to waste transfer and removal to be recycled effectively. Even though you may ...

Sanitation Works

Fahad al hathal Est is executing a large number of services in sanitation projects in all parts of the Kingdom and it devoted time and activity for serving Saudi people with ...

Road Works Division

Road Works Division   Fahad Al-Hathal Est. Maintains a place of leadership based on the existing qualified and professional staff, using the latest technology, applying safety standards. Fahad Al-Hathal Est. ...
building demolition

Building Demolition

Building Demolition Fahad Al-HAthal Est. is interested in demolition and debris removal to the dumps based on exiting the comprehensive system, qualified staff which enables us to be in Forefront. ...

Leveling and Housing Blocks

Leveling and Housing Blocks Fahad Al-Hathal Est. has a large fleet of equipment that executes leveling, expulsion, sewage networks, lighting works roads and electrical works and Sidewalks, and all related ...

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