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Safety Statement

Al Hathal referred to as FAH places a high value on the safety of its employee and ensures that the environment to be safe and healthy for all employees. It is not just our responsibility but also major work. Through regular maintenance and often testing of equipment also conducting regular safety training for all employees in identifying, preventing, and eliminating hazards that may develop during all work assignments.

Safety is a major focus. Al Hathal is proud of the safety culture of our organization. Al Hathal safe systems of work are complaint with and facilitate the implementation of our tier 1 client's requirements. Al Hathal has a successful history working with various contractors.

Safety Measures

Staff's Training
Al Hathal conducting regular safety training for all staffs in identifying and preventing hazards
Al Hathal ensures the quality of all equipment through conducting regular testing
Customer Review
Al Hathal often reviews customers queries updates changes for giving best support

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